Tuesday, March 3, 2009

photos from coton
i might have said this already but right now i am really into simple beautiful clothes, crafts, decor, etc. in reality i am a bit of a messy collector with tons of ideas so i think i am always inspired by the idea of simplifying my life. i always think it would be really great to build a closet for myself made entirely of really simple, comfortable pieces that can be layered and mixed together. then maybe i wouldn't take so long getting dressed which i am sure would make my husband happy. today when i was looking for some japanese sewing books i was so excited to learn more about the zakka trend. zakka is a trend in japan, related to making simple beautiful crafts for daily life. i couldn't decide which sewing book to buy yet but i did buy this craft book for making zakka baby gifts. it was definitely inspired by a close friend who had her baby today which i am so excited about. previously i had been making my friends baby quilts but am looking for something a little simpler now that more are having babies and i cant keep up with the quilts anymore.

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  1. I adore this last outfit with the red sweater.