Friday, October 30, 2009

i have finally added my zipper pouches to the shop! these are perfect for carrying the essentials or as a little travel pouch. i haven't updated my handmade shop in a while because i have been busy working on store orders. i am so excited that you can now find my jewelry at spartan in austin, renegade handmade in chicago and sparrow collective in milwaukee. i plan to be better at updating the shop and have a few new necklaces for next week so check back!


  1. i love these. it looks like we have a similar aesthetic. i'm into anything woodsy, antlers, deer, rabbits, feathers...i need it all. your blog has such a lovely feel to it and your etsy updates are equally incredible. your blog is definitely one to watch.

    another site i think you'll love (if you don't know it already) is

    oh my gosh, it's so wonderful and dreamy. pretty much the best blog ever created and my best kept secret that i just had to share with you. :)

  2. i agree, we totally have a similar aesthetic!

    thanks so much for the tip, it is such a lovely blog that i will totally get lost at for a while this morning.