Thursday, November 19, 2009

white blouse
thanks so much to everyone who gave me such a great response on my new holiday necklace! i am spending the morning getting all the orders out and then i plan to do a little thrift store shopping this afternoon. i am on a serious hunt for a pretty white blouse like this.

photos from hello mr fox, copenhagen street style, ringo, have a banana, and the snail and the cyclops


  1. :D Mine came from Etsy. If you're patient enough you can find some really nice ones on there!

  2. i've been on the hunt for one of those too! ever since i saw one on francesca from the snail and the cyclops (not this one, but a different one she wears), i've been searching. i'm thinking kinda 30's or 40's-ish. they're lovely.

  3. The girl op i the right corner is my best friend eleanore <33