Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New items in the vintage shop...

After a really busy weekend hanging out with family in between making lots of jewelry, I decided I needed a little break. So yesterday I dropped off all my packages at the post office and then headed down to Chicago to hang out with a friend for the day. It is really nice that Chicago is only an hour away so it is an easy day trip. We mostly just walked around downtown and did a little shopping and then came back to her neighborhood for some tasty Thai food. I had big plans to take lots of photos, but the first time I brought out my camera I realized the battery was dead. I hate when that happens, but it forced me to really just turn off and enjoy the day.

Today I came back relaxed and excited to put together this little vintage update. I have been so busy with my handmade shop lately that I have been seriously neglecting my vintage shop. It is also that strange time of year where I am not sure if I should be adding winter or spring pieces. I guess it is going to be a mix of both for a while. I am planning to add more pieces the rest of the week as I wait for more jewelry supplies to arrive.


  1. Aah I love those boots! My fave is the first outfit, so cute with that high bun!


  2. Pretty! I love the outfit with the plaid top.

    I love Chicago! I actually might be moving there soon.

  3. Stephanie,
    I LOVE that jumper! The brass buttons down the front are adorable. -Great- find and with the boots, a 3rd grade picture day turns into something mod and sophisticated.

    Do you ever spend any time in Ragstock on Belmont when you go to Chicago? You'd love it, I think!

  4. First outfit is very lovely. I'm looking for long sleeved striped jersey blouse at the moment to wear it with everything, but what I find allways have some unnecessary details. Sometimes it's so difficult to find simple versatile things!

  5. i said it before, and i'll say it again. i just love your style and your blog. it's sooo inspiring!

    both outfits look great. really good lighting btw!

    Xo<3 christine
    Tie Me a Bow

  6. I love the mix of winter and spring outfits here. Those leggings with that chambray dress are perfect!

  7. Hey girl.

    Hope you're surviving your crazy jewelry sales! :)

    lets grab a much needed drink next week!

    ps: I'm looking at houses on sunday. SCARY!

    <3 lisa

  8. these are all incredible but im just crazy about those floral leggings! what a find!

  9. I love your style girl, u look good in anything you wear!