Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts and jewelry updates this week. I am still waiting on a few supplies to arrive and my husband and I are both battling nasty colds so it seems like not much is getting done around here. I have been working on a couple of new pieces for the shop and am planning a small jewelry update for next week Wednesday, Feb. 10th. I will be posting more details on Monday.

a couple of style crushes from the week...Jessica and Katy

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. i hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! get well soon.

  2. can't wait to see your jewelry update. i love the little look you put together in that picture, so classic. i can't get over how simple and stunning your jewelry is.

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  4. wow.. this chane is wonderful.. have u made this by your own?

  5. gosh, your blog is so lovely - i can't believe it's taken me so long to wind up here. up in the blog list you go!

    (ps. i looked through your older posts, and i particularly like the one you wrote on blue oxford shirts - they really are wonderful. and throughout highschool, i would always button up my uniform shirts and polos all the way up. in a sea of girls all wanting to reveal as much as they could, that was my little quirk)

  6. i hope that you and your husband feel better soon!

  7. Don't I know that feeling!

    On a side note, I love the photography of this image! My husband things I enjoy visual imagery in a strange way, but it's simple things like the lining of a jacket that just mesmorizes me... aha! :)

    ♥ Aya

  8. I look forward to the update!!! I LOVE this photo, the stripe shirt (MY FAVORITE) denim layering, and that gorgeous necklace to top it off. This is so my fantasy outfit, great taste you have!! I hope you are feeling better!! Oh "Kiss My Face" has the most amazing body wash called "cold + flu" taking a hot shower and using it TRULY makes me feel so relaxed and less congested ;)

  9. whoa, thank you for those links! i actually know jessica from living in LA- so surreal to see her on garance dore, although i am not surprised. she has impeccable style!

    by the way- i hope you are feeling better!

  10. Beautiful outfit! I love blue stripes!

  11. what great necklaces, i love them, along with your very pleasing blog. it all feels so calm...