Thursday, February 4, 2010

The sweet Hannah of Bekvam passed on the happy 101 blog award to me the other day so here are the 10 things that make me happy. I thought I would restrict myself to yesterday and today:

1. making and eating tasty curried winter squash soup (pictured above)
2. waking up next to my husband
3. listening to the new First Aid Kit album
4. drinking tea in the afternoon
5. working on new necklace ideas
6. dropping off the last of my packages and finally being caught up
7. a little oatie from the co-op (the best cookie ever!)
8. buttoned-up blue oxfords (check back later for a post on this)
9. doing hand embroidery just for fun
10. staying in bed way too long

I am suppose to pass on the award, but it has already made it around to so many bloggers so feel free to share if you haven't gotten it yet. I love reading what makes people happy!


  1. Great list, I'm looking forward to your post on 'buttoned-up blue oxfords'.

    I love getting introduced to new music, I'm listening to the First Aid Kit's myspace page now.

  2. oeh this looks very delicious!! x

  3. Hi just found your blog and I am falling in love with it just from this post. That soup looks so delicious. I wasn't aware first aid kit had a new album, have to check that out now!

    would you like to trade links?

  4. That soup makes me so happy it's still winter here, and I thought I was done with happy winter thoughts!
    I love the happy 101 blog award, what a great idea! We haven't participated yet :)

  5. SOUP! That looks soooo goood! I'm going to copy your recipe this weekend.

  6. Your food looks so good....and pretty :)
    So happy to have found your blog....I first saw your jewelry, I believe it was on flickr in the Bloganistas group. It is wonderful!!!!

  7. #2 is a favorite of mine too. and can't wait to see your new necklace ideas. :)

  8. that soup looks wonderful! and if I remember, I'll make sure to do this post cause I love the idea of 10 things that make me happy. Very inspiring and positive!