Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it was a busy weekend so i decided to take yesterday off and indulge in a little shopping and baking. the oversized striped sweatshirt was my cheap fix from forever 21 and the high-waisted gray wranglers i found in the men's section at the thrift store. i think this might be my new spring uniform with my brown oxfords. i made the vegetable pot pies from scratch and they turned out to be pretty easy and so tasty. i just used this basic dough recipe and filled them with sautéed curried vegetables. i am so excited to have a bunch in the freezer for whenever i need a quick meal.

ps-i finally made my photos bigger, hope it looks good since i am not the best at figuring out html coding.


  1. your photos look great! i'm still trying to find a happy medium with photo size... it is tricky.

    ps. thank you for your hair compliment :)

  2. ooh, that veggie pot pie looks like heaven.

  3. Mmmmm... that pie looks so delicious, and just the perfect size.

    Stephanie, I hope you will forgive my mentioning it here, but I this week I am having a small giveaway of a necklace and photos on my blog
    and a sale in my Etsy shop, where I'll be adding more items in the next couple of days
    It would make me so happy if you would stop by and enter the giveaway! Thanks :)

  4. That pie looks gorgeous. And the photos are great, too.

  5. oooh. I've been wanting to make pies like these for awhile. I might have to now. That one looks so good!!

  6. that little pie looks so tasty! it's so fun to cook new things.

  7. YUM amazing :O
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  8. Sounds like a great day!
    Glad to have found your blog.