Friday, September 17, 2010

this weekend i am excited to start working on our dining room since it is probably my favorite room in the house! we are on a pretty tight budget so i am totally inspired by ashley's beautiful space and her new home blog devoted to affordable finds. so far we have purchased the new light and i am hoping to do some flea market shopping the next two weekends for an old farm table. hope you all have a great weekend!

ps-i have restocked a few of the necklace that sold out last night and will try to keep them in stock over the weekend, click here to go to the shop.


  1. Oh, how exciting! That rooms looks like it has great lighting. Looking forward to some "after" pictures.

  2. thank you for the links! I loved looking through them. Good luck with the decorating!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  3. I cant wait to see your place. I know its going to be so cute!