Thursday, November 11, 2010

35 woven bracelets off to this lovely store in zurich. i know it has been a while since i had a jewelry update, but i am so busy getting ready for both art vs. craft here in milwaukee and the renegade craft fair in chicago. for now i have decided to stock the shop with the cast brass necklaces and the woven bracelets since they are always the most requested. i love giving them as gifts so i was thinking they would be perfect for the holiday season. i am hoping to add a couple more pieces over the next few weeks.


  1. Cool bracelets! Good luck with your shows;)

  2. oh thank you for restocking your beautiful shop, I just bought one of your cast brass necklaces. I would love to buy one of your bracelets too, but they sold out :(

  3. super cool bracelets!
    feel free to follow xoxo
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  4. oh my goodness, I just moved to milwaukee and I'm SO bummed that I missed art vs. craft!! I hope it went well!

    ps- super jealous that you're going to India!! xo