Thursday, June 16, 2011

i am having a yard sale with my friend janelle at my house this saturday. i removed the address from the flyer so if you are in the milwaukee area and want to stop by, just email me: it has been a crazy week between cleaning out our house, getting our yard ready and trying to get the summer shop update done. sadly i had to cancel another photoshoot yesterday because of the rain. one day it is 80 and sunny and the next it is 60 and raining. the sun seems to be back so i am trying again this weekend and plan to have the shop update next thursday, june 23rd at 8pm (cst). join my mailing list on the side bar if you would like to receive notice the day before.


  1. Holla! I just picked up MORE of my fabric from my parent's house to sell! yikes!

  2. hey! i asked janelle if i could stop by earlier! so 11:30am if that's ok? just a heads up i guess! i work at noon but wanted to check it out.


  3. oops! sorry if i confused anyone by putting "july" on the flyer instead of june.