Friday, January 6, 2012

lately it feels like time is flying by so i sat down last night and wrote out a list of goals for 2012. here's hoping that putting it down in writing helps me accomplish everything.

+focus all savings on finishing our house.
+finally hang artwork and family pictures.
+less digital, more film.
+continue making pottery and weaving.
+take more walks.
+expand my business to include home goods.
+make more ceramic jewelry.
+experiment with food and still life styling.
+make furniture with my husband. 
+build a backyard sanctuary with large gardens.
+try something new with my style like high heels.

hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. "Less digital, more film" - I'm trying this one out for myself! Good luck.

    x Michelle |

  2. Good idea. I need to put mine into writing as well!

  3. The above was from me :( I don't know why it put it as anonymous!

  4. Wonderful goals. I would love to make some furniture with my partner, too. Happy weekend!

  5. so à propos! i just now saw this -- that you want to build furniture -- after i posted that little bench i made on instagram. i wish we really could teach one another how to do certain crafts.

  6. great goals. i'm looking forward to the home goods in your shop!

  7. i can't wait for your to make more of the ceramic pieces! i definitely need to add one to my everyday uniform ;)

    p.s. the picture from the post below is so cute!

  8. hannah and julia-thanks for the shop encouragement! Hoping to get the home goods and ceramics going real soon.